Not to Upset You, But Ashley Tisdale's Cringey '00s Outfits Are Cool Again

If you're still of the mindset that fashion has rules that can't and should not be broken, it's time to have a talk. Leggings can pass as pants. Everyone can wear stripes. And, all those '00 trends that were once declared cringey and terrible just a few short years ago? Well, they've definitely made a comeback — so, grab your mid-section belt, ballet flats, and boot-cut jeans, and fully rethink what's "in" and "out."

Also, while we're at it, all of us should probably apologize to Ashley Tisdale. For over a decade, the actress and new mom has been the poster child for illogical, Disney-inspired outfits that we promised would never return. But, guess what? Against all odds, similar looks are popping up in 2021, and it goes well beyond Harry Style's Grammys boad.

If you're unwilling to accept it, that's fine. But, you might want to sit down before you scroll, because the proof is pretty shocking. The case for embracing throwback Tisdale style is strong, and it's probably only a matter of time before top models and influencers begin using these outfits as inspiration.