Styling Winter’s Top Fashion Trends

It’s finally time to discuss winter fashion trends. It’s no secret that 2020 has been extremely out of the ordinary, and like many others, I’ve spent more time in sweatpants and leggings than I would have ever expected (or liked) to do. If you know anything about me, I always get dressed up.
Putting on a full outfit is my comfort zone, and at the beginning of quarantine, I did just that. I wore my elaborate spring and summer dresses just to work from home and sit on Zoom calls all day, but hey—at least I looked good as the world felt like it was crumbling around me.
I did this for a while, months even, until one day I hit a wall. Any enthusiasm I had in regards to styling myself went out the window, and biker shorts and sweats became my new best friends. I found myself rejecting my usual style because it reminded me too much of the way things used to be, and I just didn’t feel like that person anymore. So much around me was changing, and as I changed, so did the way I wanted to dress.
It’s funny to think about just how much what we wear seeps into our culture, and this year couldn’t be a better example. As the world changed around us, so does the fashion industry. It has had to adapt, and while some thought the last few months would mark the death of fashion as we knew it, I’d argue that quite the opposite has happened—fashion has been given a breath of new life.