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Types of Leather | Finelaer

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you would know that not only is Finelaer promoting its own products and brand but also spreading general awareness among the consumers about the characteristics of leather and its types. Leather, being a natural product obtained from animal hide, needs to be treated and processed. This process is known as tanning.


Since Finelaer is a consumer oriented organisation, it is of immense importance to us that our consumer or the final user of the product is aware of what he/she is using. Leather has myriad qualities and types ranging from some products that will last you a lifetime and will be passed down the generations of your family to some products that will last you a fortnight if you’re lucky. We hope that this article will help you understand the different types of leather and will assist you in making a decision while investing in a leather product.


As mentioned above, there is a great variety of leather types, but they can be broadly categorised into 3 types:-

  1. Aniline Leather
  2. Semi-Aniline leather
  3. Pigmented or Protected Leather


Aniline Leather is the most natural looking leather with the unique surface characteristics of the hide remaining visible. It is coated only with dye and not polymer and pigment, thus, making it the most natural looking but at the same time most vulnerable to soiling. A light surface coating might be provided to protect the surface against spillage and stains.

The creases on the surface of aniline leather will be distinct as they would not have been filled using surface coating. The grain pattern would depend on the animal the hide came from.


Semi-Aniline Leather retains a natural look but is comparatively more durable than aniline leather. This additional durability is obtained by adding a surface polymer or pigment that ensures consistency in colour and stain resistance.

The creases on the surface of semi aniline leather would be less distinct as they would have partially been filled by surface coating, as if a thin layer of paint was applied on the surface.


Pigmented leather, as you must have guessed by now, is the most durable and least natural looking leather. Most commonly seen in the form of leather upholstery and car upholstery, the durability of this leather is enhanced due to application of polymer surface coating which includes pigments.

The grain pattern would have been filled out as if the surface was given a few coats of paint.


Stay tuned on this blog for more such articles so that we can provide you with tips and tricks to further enhance your leather buying experience.


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