Finelaer - a company that came into existence because we felt the need to re-design a vast array of luxuriant high-end finished leather goods and deliver it at your doorstep. Due to innovation and latest technology, Finelaer products have attained significant recognition in international markets.
Finelaer delivers the very best in upscale leather bags & accessories attractive in style and functionality with rustic look and immaculate detailing characterizing all our products. The beauty and elegance of our bags speak of tradition, quality and luxury. Our products are handcrafted with finest craftsmanship made from finest cowhide and calf skin and tanned to perfection. The heady fragrance of our tanned leather is simply one of the many signature characteristics of all our bags.  Our artisans combine old world craft methods with modern function, thus creating non bulky design that’s perfect for today’s professionals on the go.
Finelaer manufactures luxurious yet cost effective goods. The leather used is durable and scratch resistant. Just like good wine, time does not depreciate the texture of our leather. Our products do not age; they merely develop a sheer and alluring sheen. You may ask, “Why Finelaer?” We assure you that it redefines style, statement, elegance, status, beauty, comfort, and uniqueness at such a reasonable price that it is unmatchable.
Leather goods manufactured by Finelaer include bowling bag purses, bucket bags, clutch bags, drawstring purses, hobo bags, Kiondo bags, messenger bags, satchel bags, tote bags, wallets, belts, folios, briefcases, etc. – all of which are tastefully made to cater to people with refined taste.
Finelaer takes pride in its skilled human resource and innovative technology. We are equipped with the best of modern sophisticated machinery. With these combinations and a passion to design and deliver, we manufacture a diversified range of standout leather goods to meet the requirement of world-class consumers in USA, Europe and other countries. Environmental awareness and eco- friendly production are the pre-requisite for all our products.
Abraham Lincoln said, “Whatever you are, Be a good one” and we, at Finelaer, adhere to this principle and truly believe that our leather goods redefine quality, price and fashion for all.