Leather Care Instructions

1. Storage

Use a Soft Dust Bag: Store your leather items in the soft dust bag provided with each product. This allows air to circulate freely, preventing strong odors and mold growth. The dust bag also protects your leather goods from dust, sunlight, and other harmful elements.

2. Conditioning

Apply Leather Conditioner: Use a small amount of leather conditioner cream and gently dab it with a cloth. Avoid applying too much or too frequently, as this can damage the leather. Conditioning your leather items 2-3 times a year is sufficient to keep them supple and prevent drying.

3. Stain Removal

Non-Toxic Conditioners: For regular spots and stains, use non-toxic leather conditioners that do not alter the leather's chemistry. These are safe for both the material and the user.

Vinegar and Acetone: For tougher stains, a cloth dampened with vinegar or a cotton swab with mild acetone can be used. Apply gently to the stained area to lift the stain without damaging the leather.

4. Moisture Removal

Wipe Off Water Stains: If your leather item gets wet, re-wet the area lightly with water, then wipe off the moisture with a dry cloth. Allow the leather to air dry naturally to prevent water damage.

5. Shape Maintenance

Fill When Not in Use: To maintain the shape of your leather handbag or case, fill it with paper when storing. This helps retain its structure and prevents deformation.