Finelaer bags are made with the best of leather and deserves utmost care. Store it in a soft dust bag as it allows air to freely circulate around the stored item so that strong odours do not remain attached and mold is less likely to grow in addition to protecting them from dust and exposure to sun or other harmful elements.

ConditioningApply a small amount of leather conditioner cream on the bag and dab it with a piece of cloth. Don’t apply lots of creams or too often as this may have opposite effects. It is recommended to condition your leather bag 2 or 3 times every year. 

Stains -To remove usual spots and stains from the surface, we suggest non-toxic leather conditioners. As they don’t change the chemistry of the material and are safe for the user. You can also use vinegar on a cloth or a cotton swab with mild acetone to immediately remove stains from your leather handbags.

Remove moisture from leather bagsContrary to what you may think, removing moisture from leather bags is not a big problem. You can always wipe off water stains by re-wetting the area with a small amount of water, wipe the surface with a dry cloth to absorb all drops of water and then let it dry by itself. 

Fill your unused leather bag to keep the shapeWhen storing, always store your leather handbag filled with paper, it will help you to keep its shape.